Why Badio?


Smart integration.


No cables, no space wasted on your shelves. Because Badio is mounted on the ceiling, it smoothly integrates into your room.

Easy to install.


Badio is the only fully integrated solution to hear music at home without any structural alteration works. It is as easy to install as any other ceiling light. Screw it to the ceiling, connect to your Wi-Fi and enjoy.

Badio and its Competitors.


Automatic turn-on.


The music playback turns automatically on and off with the light by tripping the light switch. This is just as practial as that your car radio turns on with your car.

Great Sound.


Two excellenct speaker drivers, integrated in the housing made of high quality materials, give Badio the sound of a HiFi speaker.



Particulary in the bathroom where water easily gets to where it shouldn’t, electrical appliances represent a major hazard. Not with Badio! It is fixed at the ceiling, thus ensuring your secure music experience.